Word Vomit

I had my very first write in/discussion with my fellow nanowrimo friend Alex, today. Last night I felt unsatisfied with my work so far, where I began to criticise myself and my story. I thought maybe there’s too much cursing in it and not enough of this and that. Alex is the person who showed me the ropes about nano so I thought why not call him over? When he showed up it was instantly comfortable and a great discussion. We shared ideas for our stories and this guy is amazing. Like his brain is full of all kinds of cool ideas. His art is fantastic. I cant wait to see the cover for his book. We had a bowl of greek salad and some oranges. We laughed so much, was great medicine all around. Alex taught me about “word vomit”. For the first manuscript just vomit your words and don’t stop. Once you reach your goal of 50,000 words then add the meat to the bones. I was so worried about having everything perfectly written the first time and he’s completely right. Just write! I had lost sight of my word count and how far I’ve actually come so far. In fact I was “Word vomiting” on donation day (yesterday). I doubled up alright and received a new badge for 10,000 words.

I am very proud of myself and it took my friend to make me understand that word vomit is a must. It is now our motto for this week. We will meet again next Sunday to find the next motto. Thank you Alex for your incredible advice and I’m very proud of all the work he does daily. It’s incredible and inspiring. Also, very proud of everyone who donated and doubled up their word count. That was one hell of a donation day. For the love of #Nanowrimo for reaching the goal! It is such an inspiration to keep going. Thanks everyone, until next time☆.


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Spiritual Me

Being a spiritual person in this world is a blessing. To be at one with mother earth and all that she has given me is truly beautiful. Every morning I give thanks for a new day and look forward to the day’s journey. I am not one to live in repetitive cycles, I enjoy breaking them and make way for a new cycle to begin. Closing those old pesky doors and opening a new door. I learned to live for today and not for tomorrow however, worrying about tomorrow is way too stressful for me to carry on with. When I was younger I worried about the future so much that I continued to trip on my own feet and land face first disappointed at myself for setting myself up for failure. My mother (bless her heart) knew I was like a shooting star☆ always in a rush to get to where I was going. When she said to me one day, slow down my daughter you’re wasting too much of your energy and missing out on the energy you could be enjoying now. That hit me like a brick wall because she was right. I had no patients, and I was blind at everything that was given to me that day. I kissed my mother on the forehead and said I’m going to change this. I looked up meditation because my first thought was I needed to learn how to stay calm and focused. Well this Zen meditation that I downloaded had said to sit on the floor and align my spine to the universe. So I did what I was told. Then to listen to the music with headphones and breathe until I was relaxed. I was so relaxed that I hadn’t noticed that 3 hours had past! When I finally broke out of it I was so tired that I went right to sleep. When I woke the next morning I was scared out of my ass because I was out of my body. When I floated up I could literally see myself laying in front of me. I couldn’t talk all I could do was think LOUDLY, terrified at what was happening to me. I didn’t know what to do. My spirit was moving but my body wasn’t. Hours must have past or at least it felt like it. I had to calm my spirit down. When I was calm I focused on making my mind stronger. I began to think loud and stern but calm as hell. I was able to then control my body in front of me. MOVE I would think and my body would move. . Now how do I get back into my body? My mind began to panic again but I fought to calm down instantly. COME and I feel my spirit go closer. I kept using my mind to be strong until I finally re aligned my spirit to my body. My mother took me to see a seer/medicine man. Who said; that was my lesson in life and what I had to go through to be the new person I am today. That I need to learn how to ground myself and be patient but with a strong mind. I will never forget that experience. Now I still meditate but I practiced grounding with stones and learned more information about it all. I will never just jump into something like that again, or meditate for hours with headphones in my ears. Guided meditation was the best way to start. But the truth is everyone’s here to learn and make mistakes it’s how we grow and I am grateful for that experience because I understand a whole other part of life that maybe some will say sounds crazy but it actually was a beautiful lesson.♡ My Mohawk name is Otsitsaken:ra, it means White flower. My grandmother named me white flower because I was pale but pretty she said. I always wondered after she past which white flower I was or which one was in her mind when she named me. My spiritual advisor and seer both said I was the water lily. Which made a lot of sense because they float up but are still rooted. I am very grateful for my name and all that it carries.

 If anyone else can relate or have an experience they’d like to share, the floor is yours☆ Until next time take care.

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Nanowrimo 2017

This is my first year of Nanowrimo. It’s quite exciting and the push my friend (who is a nanowrimo participant of 4 years) gave me to enter. Positive push I may add because it feels so good to have something to look forward to and writing and designing is my medicine of passion. I’ve always been a creative soul and a sucker for a good fuckin’ story. I am hoping to publish in the near future. I always blow my dreams up to the max but I feel I’ve finally found something that makes me truly happy. The stories are important to me, not just my stories but the stories in life. Music is one of the most amazing ways to tell a story and to truly make you “feel” it, and with that “Ursula” is born. Paying tributes forward to our music Gods and Goddesses. To get the message across that someone is listening and thankful in return for their amazing creations.☆ R.I.P Dimebag,Randy,Cliff,Gord,Prince,Hank and many more. Rock the hell out of the heavens. If anyone is out there creating their own stories or joining nanowrimo, hit me up. Until next time 🤘.☆

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